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On September 24, 2018, during the Eastern Europe Initiatives Congress, a panel discussion “Industry 4.0” was organized, the partner and co-organizer of which was the LWMiM Foundation.

According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), which estimates a global number of working industrial robots at over 1.5 million, and an average annual sales growth of these devices at around 15 percent, the Central and Eastern Europe region is the fastest growing robotics market in the world (growth at the level of 26%). Participants of the Industry 4.0 Panel tried to find an answer to the question about the public financing model for industrial change. Using, among other things, experience from implementing the Industry of the Future Platform as an initiative of the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology, the role of funds in initiating changes improving the competitiveness of industrial production was discussed. In addition, representatives of the Lublin Science and Technology Park, the Marshal’s Office of the Lublin Province and business, discussed how and where to start changes in companies, as well as how local industrial ecosystems will change.