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The City of Lublin, URSUS S.A. and TUM International GmbH (a company representing the Technical University of Munich) are beginning their work on establishing the Smart Industry Centre in Lublin. In Bavaria, the parties signed a cooperation agreement on the implementation of the project preparation phase.

The agreement was signed as a result of earlier talks conducted between representatives of the City of Lublin and URSUS S.A. during this year’s edition of the Hannover Fair. As early as in November 2016, the Managing Director of TUM International GmbH, Daniel A. Gottschald, paid a visit to Lublin where he met representatives of the City Hall, Lublin University of Technology, Lublin Science and Technology Park and URSUS S.A. The aim of the initiated partnership is to create The Smart Industry Centre in Lublin – an integrated industrial park with the area of ​​about 140 hectares, which will help the city attract both domestic and foreign investors from the selected sectors, thus creating common ground for cooperation with local suppliers.

– “The revitalisation of post-industrial areas of the former Lublin Automotive Factory is one of the important parts of the Contract I signed for Lublin for 2014-2018 in terms of attracting investors and caring for local entrepreneurs. It is also the next step of the City of Lublin in the implementation of the Development Strategy 2013-2020 of the Lublin economy. In this way, we are rebuilding an important automotive sector that has such strong traditions in Lublin,” says Dr. Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of the City of Lublin.

The Smart Industry Centre, which is to be established as a result of the agreement, as well as the Lublin Automotive and Machinery Cluster, currently under development, are the elements of the developing Lublin’s ecosystem “Lublin Automotive and Machine Upland” aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the Lublin industry.

– The success of the Subzone of the Special Economic Zone has shown that our city has the potential to become the future-oriented industry 4.0 centre. This is also proven by the March decision to locate the Electromobility Centre in Lublin and the successes of Lublin’s innovative enterprises: from small ones, such as the Nexbio startup to large companies building their international reputation, such as URSUS S.A. I am sure that particular orientation of the urban economy on modern, intelligent industry, whose heart will be the traditional industrial area of the former Lorry Factory, will allow us to reach the development level of such cities as Wrocław and Poznań in 2025 – says dr. Mariusz Sagan, Head of the Strategy and Investor Relations Department in the City of Lublin, who signed the agreement on behalf of the City of Lublin.

An integral element of the project includes developing technological cooperation between the companies from Lublin and the Technical University of Munich (TUM), which is one of the world’s leading centres of electromobility and the implementation of Industry 4.0 standards. The Bavarian party of the agreement is represented by TUM International GmbH, which is a global competence centre for the development of industrial areas and the construction and management of technology transfer centres constantly cooperating with, e.g. SIEMENS AG and Evonik.